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Horse Ivermectin

The Spike protein is cytotoxic in any form, vaccine or disease (See the Physician Panel Discussion below especially as concerns children).

Ivermectin prevented Covid infections by an average 89% in 49 Double Blind Studies at Major Medical Centers in 12 Countries (See Videos below also TrialSiteNews). The results of the first 49 studies, all completed in 2020 (over 100 now reporting), have been censored and removed from public view by Facebook, Google et al for over a year now. They prove Ivermectin is also the single most effective treatment for both covid and long covid.

Ivermectin is Ivermectin, there is only one type. It is a product of natural fermentation and exists in nature. It is on the UN list of essential medicines with a safety profile akin to Aspirin.

The per pound dosage for horses is the same for humans making dosage straightforward, but different for cattle pigs sheep etc. making dosage calculations for humans complex*. Ivermectin sells "for humans" for $100+ dried and baked into pills. The same Ivermectin sells "for horses" in its natural gelatinous form mixed with FDA approved apple jelly for about 90% less. The baking process reduces potency by half, so they up the content in human pills to compensate. Horse or any other Ivermectin is pharacologically equivalent to "human" ivermectin according to the Front Line Covid Critical Care Physicians Alliance.

Ivermectin powder in bulk sold for 1/100 of one penny per dose until recently. There is no money to be made in Ivermectin. It is easy to produce in huge quantities cheaply. Billions are being made with the less effective vaccines (and all are less effective)

All Mectins found in nature (26) are synthetically produced for various purposes except Ivermectin. Its nickname among scientists is "Nevermectin" (cause we will never figure out how to make it). They have to brew it like beer !

Over 80 Million people a year (tropics) take it for riverblindness, parasites, digestive balance etc. In total over 60 billion doses have been swallowed since 1985.

All forms of Ivermectin are Available on Amazon, or Ebay. Horse is sometimes available at Your local feed Store, "Human" Ivermectin is sometimes available thru your Doctor with a prescription (little bit pricey), or (better) Front Line Critical Care Physicians Alliance is sponsoring on line subscriptions as well. New sources will be added here as they become available. Unfortunately prices are going through the roof and headed for infinity. Bookmark this site and check back.

The Medical Research results and evidence as regards covid is as follows.

Note all Commentators below are Board Certified Physicians and highly esteemed, this site offers NO Opinion, just the easily verified facts above and the Physicians Presentations below :).

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* If you do wind up using Horse be sure to set the plunger on the handle securely and locked at the right weight mark on the handle. It tends to splurt out like ketchup if you are not careful. A 200 pound dose winds up being a little more than half an inch of the Gel.